Yan Xiu

Shi Yan Xiu is a 34th generation master of Shaolin kung fu and Shaolin medicine. He is the only fully qualified practitioner of Shaolin Medicine in the UK and has been treating patients in London since 2009.

Shi Yan Xiu officially joined the Shaolin temple at the age of 6 to pursue his passion in martial arts.  However, his exceptional talent and selfless efforts were acknowledged by senior members of the temple and age 15, he was chosen to be mentored in all aspects of Shaolin medicine under the support and supervision of master Yan Zhen (a highly respected master of Shaolin medicine in China).

Over the years, he has practised and developed his techniques to a level that far transcends the style of Tuina commonly practised in the UK today.

Outside of clinic, he runs a successful Shaolin kung fu school offering weekly classes, Summer camps and private performances.


thuy new.jpg

Thuy is a fourth generation acupuncturist.  She studied a five year programme in the UK, achieving a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Medicine from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

Her treatment style is strongly influenced by her Vietnamese and Buddhist background and although formally trained, much of her learning and inspiration came from working alongside her father, Master Nguyen Tinh Thong.

The traditional healing techniques, passed down through three generations, combines decades of clinical experience with refined practical skills and has been successfully applied to treat a whole range of conditions.

When not practising Acupuncture, Thuy helps to manage the Shaolin Kung fu school and spends time with her two children.  Her goal is to continue to share her family's traditional healing techniques to benefit the health of others.